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What is the Nobel Peace Prize?

In 1895, the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel set up prizes, which are named after himself, in order to honor achievements in five different kinds of fields. These include prizes in Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Medicine or Physiology.

In 1901, the first prizes were awarded. Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace, who is renowned for his messages of peace to promote serenity among us. This article is a highlight on the Nobel Peace Prize.

Who distributes the Nobel Peace Prize?

The first Nobel peace prize was awarded 118 years ago, more precisely in December 10, 1901. The Norwegian Nobel Committee is in charge of selecting the Nobel Peace Prize laureates or recipients on behalf of Alfred Nobel. The committee is based in Oslo, Norway, and is composed of five members.

The Norwegian Parliament is in charge of appointing the five members of this Committee. Most prizes have been awarded to the International Committee of the Red Cross for their constant effort in building peace in many countries in the world.

What is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded for?

The prize is distributed to those who have accomplished exceptional work for the advancement of peace in the preceding year. This includes ensuring relationship among nations, reduction of the use of military weapons and arms of mass destruction, and resolving conflicts with peaceful measures.

What are the main objectives?

The main objectives are: 

  • To prevent conflicts 
  • To boost nonviolence 
  • To acknowledge outstanding peace keeping efforts
  • To promote democracy and peace in highly conflicting zones, like in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria.

What does the Nobel Peace Prize consist of?

The Nobel Peace Prize consists of three different kinds of rewards. There is a Nobel diploma, a medal, and lump sum award. Gustav Vigeland designed the Nobel Peace Prize Medal. The medal has been awarded to Nobel Peace prize recipients since 2012. The front of the medal features Alfred Nobel; the laureate's name is engraved on the edge of the medal.

On the back side, we can read "Pro-pace et fraternitaegentium," which means "For peace and brotherhood of men." Apart from that, the back also shows a picture of three men showing their fraternity by holding each other's shoulders. The cash award for each laureate amounts to 8 million SEK, which is worth about US $1.1 million.

Who is in charge of nominating Nobel Peace Prize laureates?

There are some criteria to consider in order to be nominated recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Foundation, which is involved in the selection, set up some statutes to validate the nomination of the candidates laureate. It is essential that the applicants belong to any of the following: 

  • Laureate candidates have to be members of national assemblies 
  • Laureate candidates are members of the national governments, for example, they are members of the cabinet or ministers of the government within their sovereign state 
  • Laureate candidates have to be currently presiding over the states.

Is it possible to refuse the Nobel Peace Prize?

It might be unusual to hear that it is possible to decline the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, that was what happened in 1973 in North Vietnam when the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize refused to be awarded the prize. The recipient was a politician and a diplomat like Prem Rawat.

The latter is the founder of the TPRF Foundation, which works for peacekeeping in the world. His organization carries out humanitarian actions to help needy people survive and live in serenity.

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